Vision and Values


YPCPA’s mission is a simple one, it is to unify aspiring Polish-Canadian professionals through life enriching experiences.

YPCPA’s vision aims to empower young professionals to take leadership roles and shape a modern Polonia through engagement in quality social, cultural, political and business events. By involving themselves in this organization members gain access to events, projects and a network of Polish-Canadian Professionals in their respective community. Through YPCPA’s dedication to maintaining the best of the Polish heritage and promoting leadership we aim to uphold the quality of the Polish-Canadian community and strengthen the multicultural fabric of Canada.


The main goals that YPCPA strives for are:

  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Social networking
  • Personal development through educational growth
  • Grow and support Polish heritage
  • Build and strengthen business relationships through business development and exposure


The four essential virtues which drive the members of the YPCPA are: Community, Identity, Insight, and Impact.

  • Community represents collaboration as a unit within Canada, and our continuous involvement to achieve visible results.
  • Identity describes the grassroots which helped build us into the individuals we are today.
  • Insight is what we gain from being a part of a unified group and learning from our interactions.
  • Impact is what we strive to do with the insight that we gain from all the experiences we collectively experience and participate in.

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